Profoundly Random

Heru who?

I grew up in a Southern, Baptist Church. Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday you could find me devoting some time to worshiping God. I never “caught the spirit” but I watched my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother (three generations of strong women) lay their problems on an alter and somehow things would work themselves… Continue reading Heru who?

Daily Life

Subtle Racism

Yes, it exists. It is uttered from the lips of every non-black that claims that they don’t see color. It is written in the contracts, applications, and forms we fill out that ask us to identify with labels of race. It is tasted in the bitter salty tears of a child that finally realizes life… Continue reading Subtle Racism

Profoundly Random

Cats, Ankhs, & Eyes

Cats… ew, right? Well, that may be the way that society thinks. I, myself, happen to love the furry majestic companions with the larger than life personalities. I often joke about becoming an “old cat lady” in my later years (right now, I have two). But in all honestly, instead of it containing the satire… Continue reading Cats, Ankhs, & Eyes