In the Beginning…

Unfortunately, “In the beginning…” raises warning alarms in my mind of the first verse in various versions [New International Version included] of the Holy Bible, but my intentions here are not to reference religious texts. Though for me this journey promises to be soul filled and life changing, there is absolutely nothing theological about it. If anything, the phrase itself reminds me of the constricting binds that held me back during my most developmental years. 

But that’s a story for another day, of course…

The intentional use of this prepositional phrase is simple. This point — today — is the point that it all begins. Some who know me may argue that this “finding myself” quest started ages ago and I would likely agree with a stubborn and explicit comeback dancing on muttered syllables below my breath, but I would know. There would be no question in my mind that today was the first day in a line of many, documented, that I could reference back to some years down the line when I tell others how it all started.  

So, I guess now is as good a time as any to explain why I chose The Buxom Bruja to identify myself with.  Let’s start with some definitions, shall we? *opens Google browser and does a quick search*

bux·om /bəksəmadjective

(of a woman) plump, especially with large breasts.

synonyms: large-breasted, big-breasted, bosomy, big-bosomed; shapely, ample, plump, rounded, full-figured, voluptuous, curvaceous, informal-busty, built, stacked, chesty, well endowed, curvy.

bruja /bro͞ohä/ noun

a woman who practices Brujería, which is the Spanish word for witchcraft. Often refers to healers and people that practice holistic medicine. 

synonyms: witch, sorceress, hag, bitch.

I have always believed in magic, and I have always been a curvy sort of girl, so the name stuck. 

I invite you to continue reading my posts. Learn things with me as I learn them. This blog is all about my journey to finding the me that somehow got lost along the way.


♥The Buxom Bruja


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