This One is the Healer

So, I don’t know where I have been for the last nine years to have missed this gem. Erykah has always been a favorite of mine but this song just takes the cake. I remember listening to her music in the backseat of my mom’s Honda as she dropped me off for second grade class. I guess you can say that music in general always spoke to me, and her’s seemed to match the rhythm of my soul even though I was not yet old enough to understand what she was singing about.

I strayed from soul music as I tried to find myself somewhere out there in the world. Fell into Gospel, and when this stopped resonated the currently most hated Trap Music became my friend. But one day as I was checking out my new Tidal subscription, I pressed play on Baduizm

And fell in love all over again.

Her songs played through Baduizm, to the Live album, to Mama’s Gun and I lip sang my way through majority of my work day. Towards the end, New Amerykah began playing and the message was no longer subtle.

I fell deeper in love with her artistry and soul.

And fifteen minutes before my shift ended, The Healer began to play in my earbuds.

Oh My Inner Goddess, the power in this piece… She started in an eerily calm chant of all the names people use to identify their Gods and transitioned to the things people worship. Jehovah? Ma’at? Sex? Hip-Hop….

Anyway, let’s take a look at the lyrics together shall we?

Alhamdulillah, Allah, Jehovah
Yahweh, Dios, Ma’at, Jah
Rastafari fyah dance, sex, music, hip-hop

It’s bigger than religion
It’s bigger than my nigga
It’s bigger than the government
This one is fa’ Dilla, hip-hop

One thing I have been able to take from listening to so many genres of music is to know that Hip Hop wan’t just a genre— it is a movement. Real Hip Hop was about truth seeking and truth spreading. I feel like she is basically saying the truth is bigger than all of this. The truth is bigger than our separation and oppression, regardless of beliefs.  Just because you believe something, that doesn’t make it true in the grand scheme of things.

We ain’t dead said the children don’t believe it
We just made ourselves invisible
Underwater, stove-top, blue flame scientists come out with your scales up
Get baptized in the ocean of the hungry

Regardless of the metaphorical hell they have put us through, the Hip Hop movement is not dead. They have not buried the truth from us. We are still growing, and awakening rapidly. Right now, in the age of the internet this is where we live. Analog society in a digital world: using our platforms for reform, growth, and education. Leaders that had prominent voices for the melanin rich people met with untimely deaths and those that could have learned something and could have been powerful fell victim to the crack epidemic that was said to be created solely for the purpose of crippling the black community. But we are still strong, and the truth will prevail because people are hungry.

When niggas turn in to gods
Walls come tumblin…(aaahhh)

This is the easiest to understand. When we remove the blinders and realize our potential as Gods, there are no walls and there are no limits. We hold the power…

Told you we ain’t dead yet
We been livin’ through your internet
You don’t have to believe everything you think
We’ve been programmed wake up, we miss you
They call you indigo, we call you Africa
Go get baptized in the ocean of the people
Say reboot, refresh, restart
Fresh page, new day, O.G.’s, new key…

This dives into the idea of the matrix. Again, it is reiterated that the movement is not dead. We used something that was created to make life better nor those oppressing us to remain alive while they tried to kill us. And for those who are just waking up, you don’t have to believe everything you are told or everything that you see. Free thought is the path to divinity.

They are trying to keep us oppressed and brainwashed, but the truth is so readily available that it is time for everyone to learn. With the reference to the internet, you can basically find ANYTHING. We miss you… because everything and everybody is one. So if one is still “asleep” they have not reconnected with their true selves.

Become one with the others and make Love your religion. Unplug from the matrix. Start over in this life, because souls are infinite. You have lived many past lives. Its time to find yourself again…


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