New Moon in Aquarius

Considering this post is a few days late, I reserve the right to reference the past to catch everyone up on what has been happening. So… New Moon, New Me. Right? Well, I tailored this statement a bit. For me, the first new moon of 2017 was all about getting back to the me from Summer 2015. That Amber was absolutely Kick Ass.

In 2015, around March, I had made the decision to become vegan. It was completely for ethical purposes at first (I watched a terrible eye opening documentary that had be unable to even stomach the idea of eating a piece of bacon for weeks), but somehow, once I started label reading and researching what these companies put into our food, I wanted to stick with it.


An ill planned trip to New Orleans with all of the delicious non-vegan culinary finds pushed me out of my Health Conscious Airplane with no parachute. Over the last year, I was able to stick to it for a few weeks at a time, but always ended up falling off again. I realized that if I failed to plan my meals out, having readily available options when the mental pangs of hunger hit, I actually planned to fail sticking to my goal of veganism. So, one of my manifestations for this new moon was more pro-activeness when it comes to my health. Sunday has become Meal Prep Sunday and I am soooo in love with the idea already. Yesterday went amazingly well.

I also decided to give up a few bad habits/guilty pleasures for a while as I focused on leaving meat (and animal derived products) behind. I am a self proclaimed connoisseur of the grape, grain, and leaf. This breaks down to mean I like to drink and smoke cigars recreationally. Usually, however, when I am doing these recreational things, I tend to eat things that do not support my animal friendly dietary habits. I thought it would be a good idea to let these things go for a few months —well, with the drinking I decided it is best to do it in moderation— until my eating habits stop being habits and become my lifestyle.

Also, in an effort to solidify this ideal, I have decided there will be no frivolous spending. minibarMeal prepping will definitely save me a ton of money. And since I won’t need to restock on my wine, liquor, or cigars weekly as I did the previous year, more money should be flowing into my savings account preparing me for this year’s travels — I am going to Aruba, Grand Turk and Cacaos in June; uber excited.

In addition to eating right, I was also very active during my vegan stint. As my body was cleansing itself, I found I had more energy and I was understandably less lazy and lethargic. With the above mentioned island excursion I have coming up, I think it is imperative to take this time and mold this winter fluff of mine into a thick two piece vixen. *Kanye Shrugs* I like being busty and hippy. Doesn’t mean I can’t have that and look good in a swim suit.

Another thing I wanted to begin — New Moon means New Beginnings, right— is my weekly tarot learning. I have an app on my phone that gives me daily tarot cards with explanations of what the card would mean in a reading. I think I will make a weekly post on this site of the seven cards I receive in a given week and break it down. Writing it down helps me to retain the information I learn. By the end of the year, I want to have an understanding of what the universe is trying to tell me through such a medium as tarot cards.

Anywho, on Friday, I wrote my manifestations down on real paper and lit sandalwood incense. I wrote out a mantra, recited it out loud a few times, and went to work on the planning process. I’m only three days in, but already I feel amazing. Shout out the Universe.

— Signed

♥The Buxom Bruja


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