Hello Palo Santo, so nice to meet you…

If you read my post on the new moon, you know I have had an awful time of things. I am not sure what has been going on in the universe since Thursday, February Twenty-Fucking-Third, but that shit sent my life into a whirlwind of negativity no amount of positive affirmations could relieve. Even my body, which normally bleeds with the new moon, is refusing to cooperate with me.

Today, however, I’m on the mend.

It could be due to a number of things I tried to do and/or change, but one thing I can definitely say I started afresh was utilizing palo santo. I am sure most spiritual people are familiar with hit. I have burned the “holy wood” twice now, repeating a mantra of positivity as I surround my body with the smoke. I outlined my windows and my door. It felt… good.palosanto

The first time, there was some minimal relief. I was a bit nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect. Plus, my energy was so off kilter that I probably needed an hour worth of cleansing just to get the murky black waters of my spirit to turn muddy gray. But the day after, I could tell that I was more receptive to positive thinking. I tried it again last night, more open minded and more determined to banish this shadow that had descended on my life. It was like someone took pounds of weight off my shoulders. Even though I was late for work and I’m broke even though I just got paid this morning, I feel amazing. There is this underlying sense that everything will work out for my benefit.

I’m in a good place.

And to make matters even better, my dog, Charlie, was released from the hospital today! I cannot wait to get home and shower him with kisses and love. Hopefully mother nature will see fit to end this hormonal assassination of my character and grant me with a gentle- although late- menstrual cycle.

I haven’t done a lot of extensive research on palo santo, but I will definitely be looking deeper into it, considering the extreme shift a few whiffs of smoke made to my out of control life. I’m still at the beginning of my spiritual journey, but I’m even more excited now than I was in the past.

— Signed

♥The Buxom Bruja


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