The Magic of Ginger Root

For starters, let me say that I am absolutely in love with ginger root. I like it in my tea, my soup, my dark chocolate, my fruit bars, my infused waters, my cookies, and everything else that I can’t think to name. I like it candied, dried, powdered, fresh and any other way you can serve it up to me. Once I discovered this funny looking root in the vegetable section of my local Kroger a year ago, I put it in almost everything. I am practically OBSESSED.

However, only recently have I looked into its uses and benefits.

The first thing that comes to mind for most people that have herbal and organic knowledge is that ginger is often used to settle stomach discomfort. This includes diarrhea and nausea. It is known to aid in digestion by stimulating the process.

Personally, the most important use for ginger, I find, is in the relief of menstrual pain and migraines. It combats physiologically active lipid compounds that stimulate muscle contraction. It reduces the restriction in blood vessels as well. Because ginger is also hormone specific, it relieves some of the pain associated with menstrual cycles. In some studies, it has even been shown to kill ovarian cancer cells.

Coming up as a very close second is the use of ginger to promote a healthy heart. With the recent loss of Kimbo Slice to heart failure, I cannot stress enough how deadly congestive heart failure is, especially if it runs in your family like it does mine. Ginger is high in manganese, zinc, magnesium, and potassium: all important stimulants to a healthy heart. Also, ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities making it a prime ingredient to combat diseases of the heart. It has shown success with regulating blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, preventing blood clots and blocked arteries, and improving the overall flow of the blood.

Because it is an anti-inflammatory, as mentioned before, ginger also helps with joint pain and arthritis. Because it does not have the chemical components of steroid laced pharmaceuticals, it is effective against both acute and chronic inflammatory diseases. It can be orally digested, or an essential oil can be used for topical application to reduce pain.

For diabetics, ginger root is proven to lower blood sugar and increase the production of insulin naturally. Because it has a very low GI, it breaks down slowly and does not cause a dangerous spike in blood sugar like other proposed remedies do.

Based on the anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and antioxidant components in ginger, it also makes it ideal to treat asthma, respiratory congestion, colds, and bronchitis. In fact, one of the most popular flu remedies is to drink ginger, lemon, and honey tea. The spice in the root naturally warms the body from the inside to promote healthy sweating. This assists to detoxify the body while fighting off both fungal and bacterial infections.

People often say that your body is your temple and to an extent, I agree. This body is where my soul is currently being housed until it moves onto another vessel. I want to take care of it so that my soul can grow. You ARE what you eat.

Incorporate a little spice in your life and add ginger to your daily diets.

When it comes to spell working, ginger is associated with fire. It is often added to spells to speed up the process or make the magic stronger. Most believe that because it is fiery, it works best with spells of love and passion.


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