Astrology 101

I saw this on Instagram and instantly said to myself, “Gods, the accuracy!” So of course I decided to share. This is going to give people a lot more insight into who I am than I am normally comfortable with sharing, but it may also help me get to the bottom of some of my own misgivings about myself.


I have included information from my birth chart below, just to help with understanding how this thing works.

Sun Sign [LEO]: A Warrior

Moon Sign [CANCER]: Deep

Mercury Sign [VIRGO]: Fruitful

Mars Sign [TAURUS]: Abiding

Venus Sign [LEO]: Affection

Rising Sign [CANCER]: The Nurturer

Yes, I do consider myself a warrior. I will fight tooth and nail for something i believe in, and I am fiercely protective of people I love. No challenge is too big and the reward is in the success of completion. But on the flip side, I am so emotional. I sometimes think that there may be a bit of empath in my soul because I have issues separating how I feel and how someone else feels. There is not a time that I am not on an emotional roller coaster. Some days its like a ride at six flags and others it is simply the oblong circle of tracks at the state fair.

According to this, I think fruitfully. I take this to mean that I am a bit of a perfectionist when planning. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail and all that great stuff. I try not to make big decisions spur of the moment, but with me being emotional all the fucking time, sometimes this doesn’t exactly go as planned. *Deep Sigh*

As far as expressing my energy, I am very careful about what I do with my time. Most of the times, it could come off as lazing around, but I like to think that I’m expending some of those pent up emotions by doing something simple and most of the times artistic. however, if it is a project or task that needs to get done, I pace myself and see it to completion.

I’m a pet person. I think it has a lot to do with how affectionate I am and how wary of other humans I also am. I want nothing more than to cuddle with a significant other and simple be in each others presence as our energies play nice together, but I don’t trust people… or maybe I don’t trust me. I haven’t exactly gotten that far in my self knowledge yet. But I know I am terrified of devoting myself to someone who won’t appreciate it. I don’t want to turn psycho out here in these streets.

And here we are back to this empath stuff. I often take on the role of the nurturer. the Leo in me makes me strong and I shoulder a lot of people’s problems. I want to fix a lot of people I meet, often because I see the potential in them and understand that somewhere along the way, they needed someone like me and didn’t have them to guide them. its a blessing and a curse. Being a nurturer makes you feel a lot like MaMa Earth— You supply the population with everything they need to survive and yet they pillage and rape your lands in the name of advancement.

I always wondered why I didn’t match the traditional generalizations that come along with being a Leo zodiac, but then I stumbled upon my natal chart and it all got way to convoluted before it started actually making sense. There’s a lot more to Amber—more than just being a strong and proud Leo— but this is a quick and simple yet in depth look at some of my personality quirks. Strange how accurate it is, don’t you think?



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