Her Moon Cycle

So, you learn something new every day, right? Well, its true!

For about a year now, I have been an herbal practitioner. For example, I have been using organic raspberry leaf tea to cure menstrual discomfort. It has been a lifesaver for me, who at one time suffered from cramps so bad that I would have to call in from work just to get my life together.

20160516_115635Yogi, a tea which has become a favorite brand of mine, titled their version of the raspberry leaf tea “Moon Cycle”, which of course peaked my curiosity. Simply scratching the surface, I have read that if a woman is in tune with the Earth, she will naturally cycle with the moon. This was a shocker to me, who on top of the natural discomfort I normally feel, I have also had issues with regularity.

PS: Aren’t the little messages on the Yogi tea bags just the greatest?

Ingredients: Organic Fennel Seed, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Cinnamon Bark, Organic Chamomile Flower, Organic Raspberry Leaf, Organic Anise Seed, Dong Quai Root Extract, Chaste Tree Berry Extract, Juniper Berry Extract, Organic Parsley Leaf.

Before diving too deep into this Women’s Moon Cycle theory, I figured it would first be important to understand the moon. The moon completes a full cycle in approximately 29 days, which makes it almost perfect for calculating a women’s menstrual cycle.

From a scientific perspective, we learned in grade school that the moon orbits the earth as the earth orbits the sun (not necessarily sure how true that is, but that’s a journey for another day: I.E. -> is the Earth really flat?). What we may not remember from those lessons, however, is that the same surface of the moon is always facing the earth because of gravity. Therefore, the portion of the moon we actually see at any given time is based upon the shadow the sun casts upon it. This happens in 8 phases (four principal and four intermediate).

This is where the scientific and the spiritual seem to split. Per the science, there is no direct correlation between the women’s menstrual cycle and the moon cycle. There have been various studies done on natives of lands that spend time in tribes where they come into direct contact with “moon rays” and the cycles of their women folk did not sync as previously expected.

Do I believe the “science” to be true just because its cited on some website…? My answer would be that truth is in perception.

I know that nothing is a coincidence. With women said to be inherently lunar in nature, it is somewhat difficult to dismiss the of it being true. And because perception is everything, I am going to work on syncing my on cycle with the moon phases and update this topic as time passes.Taking into account how disconnectedwe humans” are from the Earth, I see it being extremely possible that science is wrong in this sense. Plus, the moon controls the tides of the ocean… Powerful, or nah?

Also as a spiritual person, I know that nothing really is a coincidence. With women said to be inherently lunar in nature, it is somewhat difficult to dismiss the possibility of it being true. And because perception is everything, I am going to work on syncing my on cycle with the moon phases and update this topic as time passes.

However, let’s take a stroll down history lane, shall we?… for the sake of some back history, of course.

In ancient societies, because of the lack of scribed (written) evidence as to how people dealt with or viewed menstruation, it is difficult to acknowledge how this “period” impacted daily life. But it is safe to assume that anything that was not understood was considered “magic”.

For example, civilizations like Kemet (Ancient Egypt) would use menstrual blood in various rituals and spell castings because of its believed power. Who can blame them? Any creature that can walk around bleeding for days without injury has to be a miracle, right? Or sorcery, if one leans towards a darker verbiage. But menstrual blood is used by modern day women as well in various methods (e.g. to grow a healthier, more lush garden)

Of course, things tend to get lost in translation as time goes on. But there are recordings where women would gather together in a safe place to menstruate. This would be a time self exploration and growth, a time when deep thinking would be encouraged because of a woman’s ability to become more in tune with her inner self because of what was going on with her body. Considering that these women were separated from the male society that could also account for the lack of written evidence or accounts of a woman’s “time of the month” (well, if you ignore the fact that most scribes were men and life as we know it is patriarchal in nature).

Riddle me this, though. Is it any wonder that when a bunch of modern women gather together for too long, their bodies sync as well, placing their cycle on the same wavelengths?

This is just an intro to the moon cycle. I still have MUCH research to do on this journey, but so far its something to think about, right?


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