Bad Habits and Jill Scott

The one bright thing I can bring up is that this weekend was not a complete bust. I listed 5 things I wanted to do over the Cinco de Mayo weekend, and I think I made some good progress. But honestly, old habits die HARD. So I’m sure you’re wondering, how I did? Well….

  1. All of my clothes are out of the floor. I haven’t gone through them yet to throw out some more, but my room did get a visual face lift just by doing a little small cleaning. I’ll work on it little by little as the week goes on.
  2. I didn’t meal prep until last night. Friday I went out and got drunk (moms is a terrible influence), Saturday I spent the day trying to recover, and Sunday I went to the Beale Street Music festival to see Jill Scott. So I’m a day late on the p[rep work, but it still got done.
  3. I read one page of my book… and then fell head first back into fan-fiction. Le Sigh. I’m a hopeless romantic that likes to read smut. Terrible, I know, but I like what I like. I’m still going to work on getting this book read by the end of the month.
  4. I did not touch my tarot deck. I almost did, multiple times, but something seems to be holding me back. I think I’ll start tomorrow with the full moon.
  5. This is probably the one I have completed the best. I have been reaching my 30 minute active goal for the last few days and even did a LOT of walking on Sunday. I hit some steps yesterday, and I will likely go to the gym today. I’m not as tired, but this belly is embarrassing. And my sports bras DON’T FIT! Ugh.

So, what did I learn this weekend? Well, I know (have always known) I need to slow down on my drinking and smoking. I had my blood pressure checked on Saturday (mid hangover, bad idea) and it was off the fucking charts. I need to stay hydrated! And Jill Scott does an awesome live performance.


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