Full Moon in Scorpio

It’s amazing how even though I only had about two hours of sleep, I feel absolutely amazing. I feel so motivated and encouraged. Even though there is this small voice telling me to indulge, I think about my goals and that bad influence that is myself is easily ignored.

fullmoonI completed my first FULL MOON ritual last night.

Well, it wasn’t anything special on the GRAND scale, but it felt good to do. I don’t have any stand alone crystals yet (I have a necklace and some bracelets), so I didn’t create a grid or anything. I kept it simple and true to me and my “I do things how I want” nature. I started off by burning some palo santo, and thinking about what I really wanted in life.

I’ve known for ages I wanted to be a vegan. Since living the lifestyle a few years ago, though briefly, I fell in love with the way my body felt simply from taking care of it. My attitude was stellar and I was in tune with so much energy. I want that again.

So I made the decision to give up meat. For good.

I wrote the word in BIG pink letters on a loose notepad and folded the paper up. The interesting thing is that the paper burned slowly. So slow in fact I thought it was going to go out. But I recognized this for what it was: the universe giving me a nod to goals and encouraging me to keep going even though the path may be long and hard.ashes

I’m excited.

I lit a white tea candle in my room and let it burn itself out. Not sure if this was important or not, but it felt right. And I felt good.

Considering I don’t have a mentor with my whole spiritual journey, I’m kind of just muddling along. I have done a few New Moon manifestations, but nothing that ever resonated with me like this. I think I had been setting too large of expectations on myself, conjuring a list of how life would be in a perfect world and what I was getting rid of. I realize now that I had it backwards.

First of all, BABYSTEPS.

Too much too soon is bound to have a person falling off the bandwagon. Lifestyle changes are gradual and sometimes we slip up. I had to learn not to be so hard on myself and not to give up on my goals just because of a moment of weakness or a mistake.

Secondly, the new moon is for SETTING INTENTIONS. This is the time to PLAN. I had been making a list of goals and not really planning how I was going to meet them. I was also listing all of the bad habits I was going to give up, not realizing this was a process for the FULL MOON. I overwhelmed my spirit during the new moons because the banishing of what I feel is negative in my life did not have any outside energy to pull from. The full moon is also a great time to adjust plans based on the progress you’ve made from the prior new moon.

That wasn’t the case last night. As soon as the paper burned its last bits, I physically felt the relief like there was some ache I never realized was there suddenly disappearing. It was like a weight had been lifted.

I still need to cleanse my space, and hopefully, I will get to that this weekend. But for right now, I’m going to do some more research and plan out my meals for next week.

Happy Stargazing.


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