Life Path 8

I was randomly searching and downloading books today and I stumbled across some interesting information. I’ve seen people on social media make predictions and break down different situations using numerology, but I never really put much stock into it. Out of sheer curiosity I broke my date of birth down and came up with the number 8.

So, power and strength it says. That’s quite obvious isn’t it? Considering my skin is adorned with melanin and I am indeed a woman, I automatically fall into the power & strength category, no? But honestly, from the little I have read on this it seems to have been created just for me.

The beauty of this path is that it is deeply spiritual. It is about coming to terms with the good AND the BAD that is in ones life. It is about using your negative energy to do positive things.

Think about it… the possibilities are infinite. (well, the number 8 is something akin to an infinity sign, isn’t it?)

I’m supposed to be good with “money matters”. That is yet to be seen. But honestly, I have been making a way out of no way for as long as I can remember. If I can get my bad habits in line, and direct that energy elsewhere, I won’t have an issue with money. But the point of the matter is that I know how to get things done…

I do think its funny how my life path and zodiac line up with personality attributes. I’m obviously authoritative if I’m a Leo. Being ambitious is not a surprising trait.

I’ll have to do more research on numerology. Its just another avenue of knowledge I get to explore.


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