A Great Awakening


And no I’m not talking about the Drake song from his “If you’re reading this it’s too late” mix tape, even though his vibe is the point I am definitely going to end this post with.


There is soooooooo much going on in the world. While I’ve been working on me while staying to myself, this is the lesson I learned: Your energy is sacred. The things that you give attention to will effect you, and the media is one of the EASIEST things to be distracted by.

For the past two years, Social media has erupted with more names proceeded with hashtags than I had friends in my top on MySpace. One phrase dominates the news stations daily…. OFFICER INVOLVED SHOOTING. Public outrage skyrocketed and it seemed like suddenly everyone had this great awakening to all of a sudden start appreciating the melanin in their skin.

Its no huge discovery that the United States of America was not built FOR people of color. This is some shit I have known for YEARS.

I am glad for others and their realization of the facts, but I am also concerned for their growth. Because the opening of their eyes was forced, I feel like their attainment of knowledge is in danger. They still have the same mindset and may not be able to accept the simple truths of like. Because their pineal glands aren’t properly developed, they won’t be able to tell the truth from the lies

So call me a devil’s advocate. I don’t care. I just want my people to THINK.

  1. You: OMG did you see what happened on the news?
  2. Me: OMG do you actually believe what you see on the news?
  1. You: Black Lives Matter.
  2. Me: To who? Who are you trying to convince and why do you feel they need to validate your value?
  1. You: This is war. Go and get your permits and license to carry. We strapping up. We have a right to bear arms.
  2. Me: War? Do you actually think we are equipped or prepared for a domestic war? And gun permits? Have you ever heard of Martial Law? Your rights won’t matter and your properties will be the first they raid because you are registered.
  1. You: All Lives Matter. Blue Lives Matter
  2. Me: Just shut up. Its a privilege to even be able to comfortably say that.
  1. You: The Negropeans and the White Devils have stolen our ancestry from the beginning. They have been killing, pillaging, raping and getting away with it. Its time to stand as aboriginal peoples and so forth and so on. Blah Blah Blah.
  2. Me: So what are you going to do about it? Where is your great plan to build a self sufficient community and raise an active militia to defend it? Oh okay, so you are all talk afterall.
  1. You: The police are not the problem.
  2. Me: You’re right. The entire premise of “The United States of America” is the problem. But we have to point a finger somewhere, right?
  1. You: More Violence is not the answer…
  2. Me: Peaceful protesters get shot too. Still wanna march around and play target practice? What are you going to DO?
  1. You:  We all just need to pray.
  2. Me: To who? Yeah, and the verses in the book of Deuteronomy will disintegrate the bullets before they hit you. I’m not religious and even I know the saying “Faith without works is dead.” You can’t pray these problems away.
  1. You: I can’t believe its 2017 and people are still racist.
  2. Me: There is only one race, the human race. What we know as racism is discrimination packed tightly into a social system to protect a genetically recessive group of persons. But that’s probably too deep for you to understand this early in your awakening.
  1. You: We mad now.
  2. Me: Its absolutely fine to be mad , but be smart about that shit. Mad and dumb is a terrible combination and its exactly what your enemy wants. All of that energy directed towards the meaningless.
  1. You: This is not about race.
  2. Me: You’re absolutely right, it’s about power.

So, in truth, I don’t support the #blacklivesmatter “movement”. I love to see my people be able to come together, don’t get me wrong. There is so much power when they gather in one area. However, I feel there are too many different agendas, too many people doing it just for show, and no ultimate uniformed goal. It’s just marching to be marching. Protesting for the sake of protesting.

“New Age Slavery” by Patrick Campbell

I have listened to the goals of my local “Black Lives Matter” leaders. They all claim to want justice… well what is that? What does that mean?

Do you even know what it means to say “No Justice, No Peace”? The energy and power this statement holds… it should invoke fear in anyone opposing you. And all of you people asking for equality have no idea what the fuck you’re asking for. I will make another post about equality soon… because that’s some shit I don’t want.

So then I get asked what my views on it all are. It’s quite simple. All of these factions and ideals on a New World need to come together and figure out one goal. We cannot overcome a system that has been successful for hundreds of years if one faction wants integration and the other wants separation. Also, we cannot overcome this overnight.

I, personally, am for separation. America, fundamentally, was not created for aboriginal or colored people to thrive. Yes, there are some successful black people out there, but they are a minority, and they still could be shot by the police. None of the systems and laws were formed and written for us. To live in America, we need a new America, not some additional reforms to the bullshit that already exists.

Once we decide to separate, we then need form committees by skills. I am learning all I can on herbal healing and wellness of the body, nurturing Mother Earth for nutrition and connecting with her energies. I guess I’m a shaman and farmer in training. This is where I think I will be the best help to my community.

I am meeting like minded people. I am watching as they take this idea and make actual power moves to turn this into a reality.

Self sustainability.

We will need a militia to protect what we build. We will need teachers to educate the children, and not that bullshit they teach in the schools now. We will need places of healing and worship. We will need leaders, not politicians. We will need to completely tear down and reconstruct the social systems that have kept us oppressed. Only when we become independent will we realize our truth…

And what is the truth? I am glad you asked.

The truth is that we have never needed anyone else to give us anything. That the power we hold is ancient and omnipotent, though forgotten.

I feel people may be ready. And if they aren’t… well let’s just say with the direction the “nation” is heading now, there isn’t much of a choice.

Don’t get caught up in what the media is telling you, or get so mad you make irrational decisions. This is the time for planning. Remember, we are not outnumbered. We are out organized. These past few days have made me realize how important it is to focus on my growth and try to help as many as I can begin theirs.

If we were all to concentrate our energies… imagine the outcome then?

I got enemies, gotta lotta enemies…Gotta lotta people tryna drain me of my energy…


2 thoughts on “A Great Awakening

  1. Black man : esoteric files collector — you’re a inspiration! keep sounding the alarm. your a natural, its your calling – assignment.


    1. Black man : esoteric files collector — you’re a inspiration! keep sounding the alarm. your also a natural, its your calling – assignment.


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