Full Moon in Gemini… And Beyond

I was shooting for an uneventful weekend… And though I didn’t actually do much, by Sunday I was fucking exhausted. I still haven’t been able to shake this cold/sinus problem I’ve had for like two weeks and my body is in full blown protest mode from all the “Amber — you know damn well this […]

Hello, November…

It’s been three months since my last post. Three month of chaos, and wins, and losses, and peace, and… well, life. I turned a year older, my mom moved across town, I bought some new crystals, and I survived mercury retrograde— again. I can be honest with myself and say I haven’t been very active […]

War on Coconut Oil

So, I’m a little late to this party. But nonetheless, I just heard the most RIDICULOUS claim outside of the story of Jesus Christ. The American Heart Association claims that coconut oil is BAD for you. COCONUT OIL. I’ll be specific. It was reported by the Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease Advisory that [begin quote]: […]

Subtle Racism

Yes, it exists. It is uttered from the lips of every non-black that claims that they don’t see color. It is written in the contracts, applications, and forms we fill out that ask us to identify with labels of race. It is tasted in the bitter salty tears of a child that finally realizes life […]

The Burden of Change

Happy Summer Solstice. Here I am, yet again, trying to get my shit together. But Things aren’t as bad off as they were before. I’ve actually made a lot of progress since I last posted for the full moon. Progress, of course, is a slow process. Speaking of progress, let me make a not so […]