I Don’t Like Me…

So here I am, sitting at work with my Tidal playlist helping me through my reports when K. Michele starts crooning through my earphones and damn near brought a tear to my eye. This song speaks to me on a spiritual level, because I used to be this woman she’s singing about… Hell, somedays I’m […]

Cranes in the Sky

My, my, my Solange. Just how did you jump into my soul, pull out the essence of me and recreate it into this beautiful song that then speaks life into me? How did you manage to convey every feeling I have had for the last ten years of my life into such a simple, beautiful […]

This One is the Healer

So, I don’t know where I have been for the last nine years to have missed this gem. Erykah has always been a favorite of mine but this song just takes the cake. I remember listening to her music in the backseat of my mom’s Honda as she dropped me off for second grade class. I […]