Full Moon in Taurus

I must say, the full moon this past weekend was absolutely gorgeous. It was more luminous than it has been in the past, and it definitely gave me some needed “feel good” energy. I wasn’t home with my spiritual comforts and crystals, but I still did a quick release ritual and took a long, soothing […]

Full Moon in Scorpio

It’s amazing how even though I only had about two hours of sleep, I feel absolutely amazing. I feel so motivated and encouraged. Even though there is this small voice telling me to indulge, I think about my goals and that bad influence that is myself is easily ignored. I completed my first FULL MOON […]

Astrology 101

I saw this on Instagram and instantly said to myself, “Gods, the accuracy!” So of course I decided to share. This is going to give people a lot more insight into who I am than I am normally comfortable with sharing, but it may also help me get to the bottom of some of my […]

New Moon in Pisces

*deep frustrated sigh of dissatisfaction* I had not expected to come into the New Moon phase with such negative emotions… and yet, here I am. To be totally honest, I screwed up my energy Thursday. I couldn’t leave the bed for 24 hours and I’m still not feeling 100%. I fell off on my tarot […]

New Moon in Aquarius

Considering this post is a few days late, I reserve the right to reference the past to catch everyone up on what has been happening. So… New Moon, New Me. Right? Well, I tailored this statement a bit. For me, the first new moon of 2017 was all about getting back to the me from […]