Subtle Racism

Yes, it exists. It is uttered from the lips of every non-black that claims that they don’t see color. It is written in the contracts, applications, and forms we fill out that ask us to identify with labels of race. It is tasted in the bitter salty tears of a child that finally realizes life […]

Cats, Ankhs, & Eyes

Cats… ew, right? Well, that may be the way that society thinks. I, myself, happen to love the furry majestic companions with the larger than life personalities. I often joke about becoming an “old cat lady” in my later years (right now, I have two). But in all honestly, instead of it containing the satire […]

The Burden of Change

Happy Summer Solstice. Here I am, yet again, trying to get my shit together. But Things aren’t as bad off as they were before. I’ve actually made a lot of progress since I last posted for the full moon. Progress, of course, is a slow process. Speaking of progress, let me make a not so […]

Full Moon in Scorpio

It’s amazing how even though I only had about two hours of sleep, I feel absolutely amazing. I feel so motivated and encouraged. Even though there is this small voice telling me to indulge, I think about my goals and that bad influence that is myself is easily ignored. I completed my first FULL MOON […]

Bad Habits and Jill Scott

The one bright thing I can bring up is that this weekend was not a complete bust. I listed 5 things I wanted to do over the Cinco de Mayo weekend, and I think I made some good progress. But honestly, old habits die HARD. So I’m sure you’re wondering, how I did? Well…. All […]