reBORN from fire on Aug [17] under the fifth sign, LEO.

Rising Sign— Cancer

 A dreamer with a love for the past. Deep connection to Family and Friends. Extreme need and Belief that she needs to be protected from the outside world. Flamboyant & limitless imagination. Only the people she trusts “see” her.

Insightful by nature. When comfortable, giving and sensitive to others needs. When insecure, shy & withdrawn often seen as being temperamental.  A strong need for security, but not physically. A deep need of love & protection.

Hopeless Romantic yet impenetrable. Vulnerable and stubborn. Poetic, but often seen as a lunatic. Loyal, yet evasive at times.

Planets in Her Signs

Sun is in 24 Degrees Leo.  [SHE IS]

Unintentionally the center of attention, but she likes it that way. Genuinely warm and affectionate. She may seem tough on the outside, but she is easily hurt. Loyal to a fault, but when hurt often turns on the object of their affection. Cruelty is beneath her. All actions against a person are for that someone’s benefit. Only mounts her throne when angered. Usually fair and tolerant. Forgiving, does not hold grudges. Theatrical. Normally sunny, but when depressed it is extreme. Only difficult thing for her to get over is a broken heart.

Moon is in 13 Degrees Cancer. [SHE FEELS]

Empath. Strong emotionally, but not necessarily stable. Good sense of intuition & easily makes others people feel comfortable, loved, accepted and needed. Taking care of others is natural, yet she needs time to herself and often withdraws. Unfortunately, she has a tendency to hoard because everything has a memory. Desperate need to be loved and wanted, sometimes overly accommodating.

Mercury is in 20 Degrees Virgo. [SHE THINKS]

Perfectionist. Thorough and efficient, she has a logical and analytical mind. She is technical and easily learns specialized skills. Careful thinker with an attention for detail.  Can learn complicated, intricate techniques. Critical of other’s work because she is very good at what she does, but more so critical of herself. Drawn to the practical, useful skills, good at working with your hands. Tends to want to organize, classify and analyze before beginning a project or making a decision (unless it comes to spending money).

Venus is in 04 Degrees Leo. [SHE LOVES]

 Overly affectionate at times. Her friendship always important to her and she is loyal. Love closely correlates with respect and pride. Once respect is lost, there is no relationship. She is looking for her King, someone to idolize who can sweep her off her feet. Craves love & attention from others. Needs to be appreciated. Easily impressed when it comes to romance. Loves flattery and feeling “special”. In love with the idea of love. Easily hurt because she often expects too much. Can be seen as vain and as a show off, but she wants to be loved for her inner and outer beauty.

Mars is in 22 Degrees Taurus. [SHE ACTS]
Determined, yet lazy. Usually takes a big push before she gets moving; however, once she sets her mind to something she is meticulous and her commitment to the goal is news worthy. Careful, slow and thorough about all she does. Stubborn. Not a quitter. Slow to anger unless someone pushes too far. Works hard and long to get what she wants. She is a builder and enjoys the fruit of her labors. Possessions are very important to her. She sees the important people to her as possessions. Easily becomes jealous and over attached.  Persistent with a smart mouth.

Jupiter is in 29 Degrees Cancer. [SHE GROWS]

Sociable. Utopian dreams with a vivid imagination. She is happiest when her family and community support and nourish her. Believes in having a good morale. Dependent on her parents, she will accomplish great things, albeit later in life. Enjoys delicacies & mystical things. She feels at ease with herself and is always available with a word of encouragement or helping hand. Stingy when it comes to memories and possessions; over-emotional and sentimental.

Saturn is in 19 Degrees Capricorn.  [SHE ACHIEVES]

Ambitious. Very serious-minded & mature. She takes on responsibilities and carries out important duties. Practical & thrifty. Organized, disciplined, and patient. Ideal one to be counted on to take a clearly defined project through to its logical conclusion. An over-achiever, she prides herself on her ability to focus her attention totally on some worthy goal and then attain it. Difficult to divide her energies between work & play. Can translate abstract concepts into concrete terms. Sometimes feels lonely or inadequate and this may be why she works so hard. She has to be careful of her desire for power. It could overcome her.

Uranus is in 05 Degrees Capricorn. [SHE EVOLVES]

Practical.  Think of the “proper” solutions to a changing society’s attitudes to customs, traditions and authority structures. Your logical and orderly manner of dealing with these matters will result in permanent and carefully planned, but sweeping, reforms.  Limitless potential energy.

Neptune is in 12 Degrees Capricorn. [SHE DREAMS]

Creative, yet not likely to take the easy way out of a situation. Does not run away from situations. Cautious, a careful thinker.

Pluto is in 15 Degrees Scorpio. [SHE EMPOWERS]

She has a sense of purpose, albeit she is unsure of what that purpose is. For her, this is a period of intense research and discovery in areas that were heretofore considered mysterious, remote or taboo.