Full Moon in Scorpio

It’s amazing how even though I only had about two hours of sleep, I feel absolutely amazing. I feel so motivated and encouraged. Even though there is this small voice telling me to indulge, I think about my goals and that bad influence that is myself is easily ignored. I completed my first FULL MOON […]

Mercury was in Fucking Retrograde…

So, here we are. A month (give or take a few days) since my last post. My excuse for my lack of consistency and complete lack of motivation? Well, if I had to blame anyone or anything other than myself (which is human nature, of course, because I can’t possibly be to blame, right?) would […]

Astrology 101

I saw this on Instagram and instantly said to myself, “Gods, the accuracy!” So of course I decided to share. This is going to give people a lot more insight into who I am than I am normally comfortable with sharing, but it may also help me get to the bottom of some of my […]