The Magic of Blackberries

At the local farmer’s market this past weekend, blackberries were 99¢, so you know I grabbed a lot of ‘em— hey, I wanna be healthy but I don’t wanna be broke trying to get there. It helps that I absolutely love the bite sized fruit, so I was pretty excited. While sitting at my desk, […]

I Don’t Like Me…

So here I am, sitting at work with my Tidal playlist helping me through my reports when K. Michele starts crooning through my earphones and damn near brought a tear to my eye. This song speaks to me on a spiritual level, because I used to be this woman she’s singing about… Hell, somedays I’m […]

The Magic of Lemongrass

I’m not sure if it’s obvious yet, but I’m something of an herbal tea fanatic. If I can grind it, pour boiling water over it, and sip it from a mug it probably has a special place in my heart. I guess this is a good thing, especially as I challenge myself to find holistic […]

Full Moon in Taurus

I must say, the full moon this past weekend was absolutely gorgeous. It was more luminous than it has been in the past, and it definitely gave me some needed “feel good” energy. I wasn’t home with my spiritual comforts and crystals, but I still did a quick release ritual and took a long, soothing […]

The Magic of Hibiscus

I don’t think there are accurate enough words for how much of a tea enthusiast I am. But seriously, anytime you can add an herb to water and heal you body, why not embrace the magic Earth naturally provides? So today, we are going to talk about the health benefits of hibiscus tea. First of all, what is […]

Cats, Ankhs, & Eyes

Cats… ew, right? Well, that may be the way that society thinks. I, myself, happen to love the furry majestic companions with the larger than life personalities. I often joke about becoming an “old cat lady” in my later years (right now, I have two). But in all honestly, instead of it containing the satire […]