Daily Life

The Burden of Change

Happy Summer Solstice. Here I am, yet again, trying to get my shit together. But Things aren't as bad off as they were before. I've actually made a lot of progress since I last posted for the full moon. Progress, of course, is a slow process. Speaking of progress, let me make a not so… Continue reading The Burden of Change

Daily Life

Mercury was in Fucking Retrograde…

So, here we are. A month (give or take a few days) since my last post. My excuse for my lack of consistency and complete lack of motivation? Well, if I had to blame anyone or anything other than myself (which is human nature, of course, because I can’t possibly be to blame, right?) would… Continue reading Mercury was in Fucking Retrograde…

Profoundly Random

Intuition [part one] — Discernment

I’m sure this is going to end up being a part of a series, hence the reason for the {Part One} in the title. What can I say? Retrospect is a bitch and hindsight is always 20/20. So, this thing we have called intuition. Amazing in a creepy, condescending way, right? Well, at least my inner voice is…… Continue reading Intuition [part one] — Discernment

Mood Music

This One is the Healer

So, I don’t know where I have been for the last nine years to have missed this gem. Erykah has always been a favorite of mine but this song just takes the cake. I remember listening to her music in the backseat of my mom’s Honda as she dropped me off for second grade class. I… Continue reading This One is the Healer